About Safety Faces

We created Safety Faces to help others. We plan on making as many masks as we can for comfort and safety.

  • We are trying to help first responders by making masks
  • Due to shortages and pandemic buying, masks are hard to find
  • Our masks are made in two sizes Youth and Adult

Our masks can be chosen from our available fabric. We might be able to customize, however it might be hard to personalize at this time.

Please read according to the CDC use of cloth face coverings here.

We hope everyone can get a face covering or mask in order to comply with the new world we live in.

Please consider, buying one from us as we realize not everyone will have the skills to make their own.

For every purchase we hope to donate a portion to the South Shore Hospital in Weymouth. We also hope to donate some masks to the elderly.

A note on shipping we are making lots of masks and they are selling quickly. We hope to get them out asap, we will send an email as soon as they are put in the mail so you can expect your mask in timely order.

Thank you,
Lauren Lynn

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